Drama Classes are extremely popular and are available for boys and girls aged between 5 & 18. Pupils are taught mime, improvisation, speech, dialect etc. etc.

Classes often have a “theme” and, if your child takes this class, you will often find them “raiding your house” for strange objects to take to their class to help them “build their character”!!

Children and students generally do not take examinations in the lower or younger classes, but our senior class and any pupils showing great promise are given the opportunity to study for L.A.M.D.A. examinations in acting, mime, verse and prose and improvisation.   Our classes often compliment and help to boost the marks for GCSE and A level practical examinations.

Pupils are also coached on the differences between stage, TV and film acting.

Through our sister company “Krackers Kids” a vast number of our pupils and ex-pupils have been very successful in gaining professional acting work including major films and TV series.