Fees are due 4 weekly in advance on our designated Pay-Days which are displayed on the schools notice board and given to you in newsletters.

There are no registration or administration fees.

We offer a prompt payment discount of 5% on the class fees shown below which is given after the pupils first month with us if fees are paid on the designated pay-days (i.e. 4 weeks in advance).

Fees paid more than 28 days late will be subject to a 5% late payment penalty.

No reduction is given for classes or private lessons missed for any reason.

4 weeks notice in writing or fees in lieu must be given if the child leaves the school or discontinues any class, however children may exchange classes (eg change from ballet class to jazz class) without penalty.

Pupils may add any extra subjects at the beginning of any 4 week payment as long as we have spaces in the required class.

1 class per week £ 22.00 every 4 weeks
2 classes per week £ 43.00 every 4 weeks
3 classes per week £ 60.00 every 4 weeks
4 classes per week £ 75.00 every 4 weeks
5 classes per week £ 85.00 every 4 weeks
6 classes per week £ 94.00 every 4 weeks
7 classes per week £ 102.00 every 4 weeks
8 classes per week £ 110.00 every 4 weeks

Add on Musical Theatre for £20.00 every 4 weeks

10% discount is given to 2 siblings : 15% discount to 3 or more

Private Classes (1 Teacher : 1 Pupil) £7.50 per 15 minutes £15.00 per half hour