Musical Theatre

musical theatre

Our musical theatre classes are for students aged 8 and over who are also attending separate Singing, Drama and Dance classes. Pupils attending these classes follow the new examination syllabi set up by the British Arts to encourage and develop the skills of young talented people specifically in the field of Musical Theatre.

Candidates have to perform songs from a variety of new and traditional musicals with accompanying dialogue and dance. They must also have full knowledge of the musical/s that they have studied. As the work progresses, candidates also have to perform a mock “audition”.

This experience has already proved itself to be invaluable for pupils when auditioning either for full-time theatre schools or for professional work.


As there are specific requirements for this subject it is essential that everyone also attends Singing, Drama and at least one Dance subject as we need to teach the students to combine their skills in order to be able to give a good “all-round” performance